2024 Canadian Neurosurgery Rookie Camp

Information for Residents

Mark your calendar for the 2024 Canadian Neurosurgery Rookie Camp, from July 19 - 20, 2024. This year the course will be in-person and hosted by the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

Specific objectives of rookie camp
The Canadian Rookie Camp Course objectives can be found here.

What rookie camp will do for you:
As a beginning neurosurgery resident, taking part in this camp will give you the essential knowledge and skills you need to excel as you embark on your residency training. You will learn from some of Canada’s top neurosurgeons, in realistic scenarios that will simultaneously test and develop your abilities.

During rookie camp:
Please remember the following ground rules:

  1. There are no stupid questions, so please ask about anything you don’t understand.
  2. If you already know something being covered, please be patient as it may be new to your colleagues.
  3. Take the time to provide feedback as you go along, so the organizers know what is working well and what needs to be improved for next time.
  4. As you meet with the people who represent the organizations that have made this opportunity possible, please take a moment to say thanks.
  5. Enjoy the course and learn lots!

Before rookie camp: To make the most of this opportunity to jumpstart your residency training, you are required to complete an online prep course. This will provide you and your fellow residents with a baseline of information, so you are all up to speed as you begin the rookie camp. You must complete the course by July 14, 2024 for your registration in the 2024 Canadian Neurosurgery Rookie Camp to be confirmed. Please allow yourself a week to complete the course. Your login information will be emailed to you.