The Executive Committee is responsible for curriculum planning and execution of the Canadian Neurosurgery Rookie Camp. The Executive Committee is an independent body of volunteer neurosurgeons and trainees that will liaise with other entities such as the Royal College and the Canadian Neurosurgical Society in all matters pertaining to the annual Canadian Neurosurgery Rookie Camp.
The Executive Committee structure is as follows:     

  1. Director: a member of the Executive Committee who has served as a member in the Committee for a minimum of one year and is elected by the majority of the Executive Committee.
  2. Members: minimum of 4 Executive Committee members (excluding the director) with a broad national representation; resident participation is encouraged. 
  3. Meetings: at least once per year, in person, at the Rookie Camp and/or the CNSF meeting; and by teleconference as necessary.  Meetings will be organized by the Director.

Selection and Responsibilities of Rookie Camp Host site:

The Camp Host is responsible for sponsorship (funding), registration, camp execution and disbursement of funds. The Camp Host reports to the Executive Committee within 90 days following each camp with course feedback and a financial statement.
The potential Camp Host, as part of the application process, must submit in writing their intent, demonstrating their ability to meet the following criteria, by April 15 in the year prior to hosting:

  • • Skills centre availability for the Camp (typically the second weekend in July at the beginning of PGY1 Neurosurgery residency training (the date is decided by the Executive Committee) with the ability to accommodate 20-25 residents and 12 faculty members.
  • • Interested on site faculty and support staff to execute the camp content.
  • • Cadaveric heads for anatomical demonstrations, high fidelity 3G-man and other necessary supplies and equipment.
  • • Administrative support including a camp coordinator to organize camp logistics, such as registration, catering, reimbursements, booking of venues and photographer.
  • • Procurement of industry sponsorship and funding.