National Neurosurgery Rookie Camp overview

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National Neurosurgery Rookie Camp experience

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Case Based Learning

Exploring real-life cases in camp gives new residents a head start on their training.


Hi-fidelity simulations

The intensity of highly realistic simulations demands focus and develops leadership.


Learning from the best

Some of Canada’s top neurosurgeons share their wisdom and experience with new residents at Neurosurgery Rookie Camp.


Hands-on learning

A wide array of simulation models helps residents hone their procedural skills.

Welcome to Neurosurgery!

Neurosurgery Rookie Camp provides new neurosurgery residents in Canada with a jumpstart to their training. The two-day summer camp uses realistic neurosurgery simulations to expose residents to the kinds of situations they will face as they progress through their five years of training.

The online prep course that residents must take in advance of the Rookie Camp gives them the basic knowledge they will need to navigate their way through the various simulations and case studies they will encounter over the course of the camp.

Developing New Brain Surgeons

By the time they have completed the prep course and the hands-on Rookie Camp experience, they will be fully prepared — confident and competent — as they embark on their residency training.